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About Us

Welcome to Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Co., a dedicated gluten free bakery

We specialize in excellent taste and texture in all our bakery products, safe for those with Celiac Disease or who are gluten intolerant and sensitive. A heathy lifestyle choice for all.

By combining hearth baking techniques with Gluten Free whole grains we can offer the best product available on the market with  quality, taste and texture.

We give a new perspective on gluten free. Gluten free means without wheat, barley, and rye but that has nothing to do with “OUR” taste and texture. We have no 10 lb loaves here. Gluten free is a challenge we have met head on and won!

Some of our products include an excellent flax bread, sandwich bread, artisan breads, a complete line of cookies, pastries and even baked donuts.
When people taste our baked goods all they say is “I’ll be back for more!”

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